2011 Australian PGA: What they said – Chalmers, Allenby and Fraser

Here are a few snippets from the post-round interviews from the three golfers in today’s sudden-death playoff at the Australian PGA Championship at Coolum. Robert Allenby, Marcus Fraser and starting with the eventual winner, Greg Chalmers.

Greg Chalmers:

“I’m thrilled, to have two Australian Opens and now an Australian PGA, the Australian PGA with I think our longest history and the names on here, to have a little piece of that history is what it is all about, and I have got that now and that is just fantastic.”

“I remember it wasn’t until Tuesday, I rang my wife and said “do you believe I’ve won two Australian Opens”.  It bears thinking about, I know you asked me what would your legacy be or something like that and I think it is too early to have that closed up.”

“…my oldest son, Max, he has Aspergers, no-one has worked harder than that eight year old kid, he has been just a treat and he has done everything possible to improve to what he is know, we are very lucky with him. I had my wife here and she has never seen me win, and been here live and that is just a personal moment for me, it doesn’t really mean anything to anybody else and I get that, but for me and my family those moments are rare, rare that you get the chance to have those people around you and something happens that is so huge.”

Robert Allenby:

“Well I woke up this morning, I had a very good sleep last night and woke up this morning as flat as I have ever been in my life but as far as preparing for the last round.”

“My mind was playing a lot of tricks and a lot of games with me and I overcome a lot of things coming down the stretch.”

“…so I knew if I hit a good eight iron into the last there and make a good putt you know, make par I would be going back to 18 again. But I got put off by a camera guy at the back of the green that moved, they seemed like they were all set and then this one guy on the green just decided to, thought he would get a better look you know, I had to back off and tell him to stand still and then I just kind of lost a little bit of focus…”

“…but I am happy for Greg, he is a good friend of mine and mates for a long time, we played amateur golf together. Obviously he had a great result at the Australian Open and now at the PGA so I told him now he needs to come down to the Masters  and see if you can get the triple crown and be the second person ever to do it. He said he might be going back to Dallas.”

“Two weeks off in Florida, catch up with my kids and be a father for two weeks and then come back on the 12th and have my charity golf day, the 20th Anniversary of the Robert Allenby Challenge Golf Day and try and raise it over the $20 million.”

Marcus Fraser

“…that putt on 18 to get into the playoff was pretty good. It was a bonus, the damage was done yesterday but I played pretty good towards the end of the day today and that’s the way it goes.”

“I’m going to get on a flight for 10 hours, got to go to Hong Kong tonight, Hong Kong Open next week that’s the last tournament before the Dubai World Championships, so I will have a sleeping tablet and celebrate pretty hard. Hopefully Qantas won’t strike between now and then.”

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