What is the PGA Tour afraid of?

John Daly has been suspended by the PGA Tour for 6 months. Ok. Fine. No problem. Possibly harsh and perhaps debatable but it’s not like Daly has been the best advertisement for the tour over the last year.

How do we know he was suspended? He told us. Not via a statement released via a PGA Tour spokesperson but from John Daly himself after deciding to go public with the news. In fact the only thing the PGA Tour did say in response was through oddly named spokesman Ty Votaw who said the tour does not discuss disciplinary action involving any player.

What is going on here? Are they afraid their decision may be discussed, debated and heaven forbid, disagreed with? The same silence and non-discussion occurs for all fines placed upon players for bad behaviour on course. It is thought that Tiger Woods is the most fined player on the Tour but no one knows for sure.

This sort of secrecy and non-disclosure by the PGA Tour reeks of an old school golf fraternity. Exactly the sort of image the game desperately needs to shed quickly.

Can we fine the PGA Tour for bringing the game into disrepute?

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