Welcome Andrea Petrie to the Aussie Golfer team

Aussie Golfer welcomes Melbourne journalist Andrea Petrie to the team. Andrea will be adding her take on the latest golf news and adding a bit of a female perspective to Aussie Golfer.
When Andrea is not covering murder and manslaughter trials, she’s generally not far from a golf course. While taking a break from covering police rounds at The Age newspaper, after covering Melbourne’s bloody gangland war as well as plenty of other death and destruction stories, she spent a year as a sports reporter in 2009. 
Golf was among the many sports she covered, along with AFL, NBL and hockey to name a few. 
In addition to having a golf-obsessed father, Andrea soon began wondering what all the fuss was about, so booked in for golf lessons, bought some clubs and has never looked back.

She heads to Corowa Golf Club on the NSW border regularly, where she is a country member, and plays as often as she can at courses across Melbourne with anyone interested in having a hit.

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