Webb wins again and ‘Bikini’ Kim complains of slow play

Two comments on the ANZ Ladies Masters at Royal Pines last weekend.

The first is that Karrie Webb won her 49th professional tournament. She won easily with an amazing final round 61. Her slam dunk eagle on the seventh hole pretty much assured herself of the win.

This is the seventh time she has won the tournament and only Sam Snead and Tiger Woods can claim the same record at any one event. Sam Snead holds the record for eight wins on the PGA tour at the Great Greensboro Open (Wyndham championship). She is Australia’s best ever golfer.

The second concerns Christina Kim. Finally lured to Australian shores, she hasn’t disappointed the fans by shaking hands with any course marshall she could each day She mingled with many fans, hit practise balls in her bikini (something she’s posted on Twitter before) and then called out one of her fellow players for slow play.

She took to Twitter and got stuck into Australian Tamie Durdin:

Tamie Durdin may be an absolute sweetheart, which she is, but she is without a doubt one of the slowest players on Earth.


Chick I played with today was slower than a glacier trying to melt in the Arctic. Very sweet kid, but man, it’s not that hard to hit a shot.

She went on to say she was slower than evolution.

I have no time for slow play even at the professional level. Nice work Christina. Tamie – you have been warned.

Images: Getty Images and Adam Head The Courier-Mail

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