Video: McIlroy plays shot on hotel helipad

Let’s begin 2012 with a few things you may have missed while devouring turkey, scoffing mince pies and necking glasses of wine.

Here’s a promotional video for Jumeirah featuring Rory McIlroy playing a shot the Burj Al Arab Helipad. It is all a bit dramatic and such a pity the Jumeirah golf course, where the final European Tour event is played isn’t very interesting.

But this video is worth a look, for the sheer scale of the opulence of Dubai.

2 thoughts on “Video: McIlroy plays shot on hotel helipad

  • I actually thought he was going to smash a driver or similar into the ocean.

    Only in Dubai could they have a bunker that is located on a helipad. Visually a great video to watch with the background of beautiful Dubai.


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