Video: Jason Day rings Tiger Woods for career advice ahead of WGC Cadillac Championship

Ahead of this week’s WGC Cadillac Championship, Jason Day reveals his close friendship with Tiger Woods.

It’s been no secret that Jason Day has become friends with Tiger Woods and despite Woods’ break from the game due to injury, he revealed today that he has sought the 14-time-major champion’s advice on several occasions to learn about how to stay on top of your game.

My favourite part of the interview:

Q. Two questions now. How did the conversation with Tiger even come about?
JASON DAY: I called him. Yeah, I just called him.

Q. Why?
JASON DAY: He had nothing else, I guess (laughter). He was just sitting at his home and I just called (laughing). I actually tried to call him the week before, and like I was busy with kids autumn weekend and he was busy with the kids all weekend, so we just hadn’t had the time to actually catch up.

But yeah, I just texted him. I said, can I call you, just regards practice and what he did back in the day, mind, mental mind-set and certain little things that he did. It was a good call. We were on the phone for about 50 minutes, yeah, which is a long time.

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