It’s Masters week for 2011

Augusta National

It is US Masters week again.

It is time to pull out the doona, put the kettle on, hit the couch and enjoy the golf before the rest of the family gets up. Nestle in and enjoy hours of blooming azaleas, static leaderboards and great golfers who aren’t in contention to win.

Let’s hope this year an Aussie golfer can hold our interest until Monday morning. And if they do, and they aren’t going to win it, let’s hope they blow up early. I’m not sure we’ve fully recovered from 1996 yet. It has only been 15 years.

Aussie Golfer featured a few US Masters stories last week. In case you missed them, here’s a recap to get the week started.

Can an Australian win the US Masters this year?
There are six Australians in the field this year but what chance are any of them to win? Many of them don’t have good records at Augusta National despite there being some similarities to Australian golf courses. Check out our preview of each golfer’s chances this week.

The changes to Augusta National, hole-by-hole

The Augusta National we know today is a very different beast from the original design by Bobby Jones. Even before the lengthening changes we’ve seen in the last decade, the golf course has changed dramatically. This is a nice link to a Golf Digest article where the changes to each hole can be nicely analysed. Strictly for golf nerds only.

Corey McKernan and his US Masters experiences

Former AFL champion Corey McKernan has been leading groups of people on tours of the world’s great sporting events. He heads to the US Masters once again this week and here he writes about his past experiences at Augusta National and what he expects this week.

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