Top 10 duffs, shanks and mis-hits: video

Golfing World recently compiled a list of the worst shots in professional golf.

I can’t imagine any of you had a bad round on the weekend or anything that resembled these sorts of golf shots, but just to start the week with a smile, this is how the professionals do it from time to time.

I still think Graeme McDowell’s duck-hook during the final round of The Open Championship this year was the worst of the year so far. At least in terms of the significance it had.

“I was thinking that wasn’t very good,” McDowell said. “That wasn’t very smart and there goes my Open Championship. It’s the longest walk in golf, and believe me, the cart ride doesn’t make it feel any shorter.”

I’d show you the shot if I could find it online. Let me know if anyone does come across it and I’ll post it.

One thought on “Top 10 duffs, shanks and mis-hits: video

  • Van De Velde easily was the worst of the lot. Still hard to believe he lost that British Open only needing a double bogey on the last.


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