Tiger Woods set to play in Australia

Tiger Woods set to ignite 2009 Australian summer of golf.

Melbourne has won out over Sydney in luring Tiger Woods to play in Australia. He will compete in the Australian Masters in November at the Kingston Heath Golf Club.

The last time Tiger played in Australia was also in Melbourne over ten years ago at the President’s Cup.

The fee to get Tiger to play is about $3million, which is 10 times greater than the tournament’s $270,000 first prize. The Victorian government and sponsors will pay the fee. The Australian has reported that Victorian Premier John Brumby played a hand in securing the great feline;

A personal letter from Brumby, delivered to Woods at last year’s British Open, is understood to have helped convince Woods to choose Melbourne, where he has played twice before. “

Hang on? Last year’s British Open? Tiger didn’t win it so chances are he wasn’t even there.

It’s a pity it comes down to money and it would be nice if he could play the “John Daly Australian Swing” (JDAS) by playing the Australian PGA and the Australian Open as well. Having said that it’s exactly what golf in Australia needs.

We should all be wary of the let down factor once Tiger leaves which was nicely summed up by Stuart Appleby last year; “We don’t want to have a date with a supermodel and all of a sudden you’re going out with someone else who’s not so beautiful.” Let’s hope golf officials in Australia recognise this and use this coming interest in golf to enhance the Australian game.

In the meantime, let’s hope Eldrick’s knee holds up!

3 thoughts on “Tiger Woods set to play in Australia

  • As happy as I am that Tiger is coming to play in Aust. I think that John Daly gave us for more entertainment!


  • Yes! Nikon and Canon can safely add their names to the tournaments again this year.

  • The event is very different with Mr Woods in it he brings this x factor directly (and the pro’s that want to beat him). I suggest the fee is more than fair.

    There will be many winners from his arrival especially TV and Media companies.Can you image the press and TV coverage down the track..

    Last point, with no private sector money around it was going to take a sport mad state to fund it, so well done Vic. It’s first thing I’ve got out of an Austrailain Govt..and I didn’t even pay them tax. Herb


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