Tiger dumped from Golf Digest

Following on from the recent news that Tiger Woods and Golf Digest have parted ways, comes this brilliant piece of writing from Jim Windolf at Vanity Fair.
He has a little fun with the news that the Tiger Woods instruction pieces will no longer appear in Golf Digest anymore. Here’s a snippet:
What, suddenly Tiger is not a good writer? Was there something in his recent “Stay Smooth on Must-Make Putts” column that rankled his editors? Did he employ one too many adverbs in his “Lean Left and Swing Steep in Greenside Bunkers” piece? Or did the Condé Nast ombudsman (that prickly bastard) object to something in the Tiger article headlined “Chin Up for Good Posture”?

Here’s the link to Jim Windolf’s full article, Sympathy for Tiger Woods on the Loss of His Golf Digest Column. Read it. Just read it.

H/T Geoff Shackleford.

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