This murky Tiger affair

I must confess, I’m torn.

Do I make any sort of uninformed comment on the news of Tiger Woods’ car accident and related rumours or dismiss the whole thing as gossip with no effect on the game of golf itself. After all, this is a golf website.

Is any of this golf? Does it have anything to do with golf? If not, do readers of Aussie Golfer even care?

The amount of press this story is receiving is extraordinary, ridiculous and inevitable. Fascination abounds that perhaps the highest paid sportsman in the world may not have the perfect life. One only needs to look at the way his life is already structured to realise that is already the case.

I have yet to see anything that remotely looks like a credible information source apart from a few police details. I’m the first to admit that things look like a dodgy scorecard and just don’t add up but the idea that 90% of matter in the universe is missing doesn’t seem to add up either. I bet the National Enquirer won’t report on that today.

The whole affair is getting murkier and murkier thanks to more gossip and rumours. Some golf writers have argued that Tiger Woods owes everyone an explanation as whether or not his personal life is our business is now besides the point. I couldn’t think of anything more to the point.

There are potential implications that may be golf related. This is arguably the greatest golfer in history so a blight on him may well become a blight on the game. and there is a danger that these truths or lies may affect his chase for more majors and status of the greatest golfer ever.

I wonder whether the story should stay in the realms of gossip sites and regular news outlets until there are any implications for the game of golf.

I’d really like to hear any thoughts on this one.

11 thoughts on “This murky Tiger affair

  • I dont even know what you are talking about, so time to go google the story before I can comment…

  • ok time to comment…

    I think they should leave him alone, so they had a fight…Perhaps

    Maybe he had an affair..?

    You are right though, it has nothing to do with golf, no ones life is perfect – let them work it out without the constant analysis of “experts” and “sources close to the couple” etc putting their name on the pay cheque…

    Anyone who assumed Tiger had the perfect life is much mistaken – he has far from the perfect life…

    the world is a vampire

  • Having recently (Australian Masters in Melbourne) experienced first hand the “Tiger Phenomenon” in my capacity as a caddie I find it hard to believe the tabloid accounts of an affair. The poor guy wasnt able to change shoes without Karl Stefanovic or some other quality journalist being there to ask questions so the idea that he was engaging in after hours shenanigans just seems too far fetched for me.

    Sure they may have had a fight – or maybe even he is just embarrassed about driving his car into a tree – as he has stated today in the press – he is human – lets leave the BS behind and concentrate on his golf, as this guy really is a once in a lifetime talent who we should enjoy while we can!

  • I agree guys. Thanks. It’s just not cricket, I mean golf. I’ll leave it now for a while unless something crazy happens. Some of the “other” golf blogs are going mental on this.

    Besides, there’s an Australian Open on this week!

  • I say leave him alone.
    I gave it about 5 minutes attention and then moved on.
    Who cares if he crashed his car (as long as he’s ok) or if he had an argument with his wife…

  • Care factor, zero!

    I don’t care if he likes to snort cocaine of a different hooker in every city he visits!

    Keep it to golf.


  • Well now, why don’t one or two of you Aussies find out why Miss Rachel was down under at the same time?

  • Well I think he is a scumbag. He has violated the most precious commitments of all to his wife, his fans and his colleagues. He has proven he is not better than his colleagues, in fact, he is worse. He maybe the number 1 golfer of our day, as well as the number one adulteress. I certainly hope his wife is smart enough to sue him now. He is a disgrace to all of us who believe that once married we remain loyal and faithful.

  • The privacy argument holds water as long as one’s affairs do not involve maintaining an image generating huge sums of money. Once that threshold is crossed, any behavior outside of “normal” is fair public game no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    That is the reality.

    Tiger is still the best golfer in the world and outstanding golf entertainment. That will never change for me as long as he continues to perform as such. However, Jack Nicklaus status is gone forever irrespective of how many majors Sir Tiger wins.

    My bet is that come next Christmas, Tiger will no longer be married and Elin will take residence in her freshly purchased estate off the coast of Sweden. That will be after she rakes Tiger over the hot coals for a massive financial settlement pre-nup notwithstanding.

    Thereafter, Tiger will find that the era of maintaining privacy is history as the paparazzi will shadow his every move worldwide.

    I remain absolutely astonished at Tiger’s complete disregard for any discretion as it pertains to bone jumping any “fresh meat” that crosses his path while the wife is tending to his 2 young children. It is truly amazing and his arrogance in this matter is stifling.

    I am certainly not without fault but as it pertains to “sport fuckin'”, I got that out of my system before I got married. Maybe I’m old fashion but getting hitched means family and keeping your word. Alls fair in love and war but the rules of engagement change when ones says, “I do”.

    The moral of this story is that bad decisions have consequences and in this case, the costs will be mammoth. It will be well north of a $1000 per stroke if ya know what I mean.

    I’ll finish with another quip.
    Tiger is scheduled for 18 holes tomorrow morning.
    Then 18 Hos in the afternoon.


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