The Presidents Cup wager

Despite the trials of Greg Norman, the random pick of Adam Scott and watching Ryo Ishikawa this week – I thought I’d make the Presidents Cup a little more interesting and decided to place a small wager on the event with some American golf bloggers.

Vince from One-Eyed Golfer was very quick to take up the challenge. He’s got a nice golf blog with some great music thrown in from time to time which wins me over. Based in Maryland he’s gonna end up buying me some beer and crabs.

“Our Chesapeake Bay in Maryland is famous for their Blue Crabs. We steam them in beer and top them with Old Bay Seasoning and wash ’em down with Natty Bo Beer.”

On the off chance the Internationals don’t turn up or all get injured and somehow lose, I’ll be paying up with “chilli, salt and pepper mud crabs and crocodile kebabs. Washed down with Coopers Sparkling.”

This International team is full of major winners with a nice spread of old hands (Els, Goosen, Cabrera, Singh) with some great young guns itching to make their mark (Villegas, Ishikawa, Scott). And seriously, Greg Norman’s gotta be a much better captain than Fred Couples. Freddy’s just too nice.

As much as I’d like to share our local delicacies with any international guest (hey, I like sharing them to locals!) I really can’t see me doing anything but eating some blue crabs and drinking National Bohemian beer in the near future.

Do we all agree?

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4 thoughts on “The Presidents Cup wager

  • I’ll go in for some Morton Bay Bugs and a bottle of Black Shiraz!

  • Just a warning, Michael… you said Freddie’s “just too nice.” Isn’t that what the next door neighbor always tells the news reporter just after they find 17 bodies in her neighbor’s basement?

  • I was going to throw in the Bugs Heather! Sure why not! What are you putting up?


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