The New Putter Theory

Geoff Ogilvy is the talk of the golf world at the moment and he’s got this theory on changing putters that was mentioned in an article by David Dusek at The Shop Blog on yesterday.

I’ve never heard this theory before and if it’s true, many bad golfers who change putters all the time should be armed with this information. Especially coming from the best golfer to come out of Australia since Greg Norman.

In Ogilvy’s mind, putting with a slightly different flat stick is a way to stay enthusiastic. He is a believer in the “new putter theory — everyone putts great with a new putter.

“Your central nervous system enjoys change,” he told me. “The new putter theory is not BS, that’s a fact and it works for everyone. So sometimes if my putting feels a bit flat, I’ll change putters, but it’s not like I’m completely changing putters. I just want to look at something new, something fresh. People might think you are just trying to escape all the bad karma in your other putter, but your brain likes change and it gets you excited about putting again.”

3 thoughts on “The New Putter Theory

  • Not sure about this, but after the way Ogilvy putted on the weekend it must work!!!

    I guess you could get a negative mind set if you’ve been putting poorly and a change of putter occasionally might help, if you’re missing alot of putts you’ll try just about anything!

    Will it work the same for drivers?


  • I would tend to agree with this theory….the problem is always the second or future rounds with the new sticks…..once you get over the honeymoon period all the positive thoughts and feelings fade away and you’re left with your swing which will still make the ball turn left to right or duck hook etc.

    I just bought a new putter last week to give myself a better chance of getting the ball to the hole on our currently SLOW greens….The new putter has a larger sweet spot and is face balanced…..loving it (one round in)….watch this space.

  • Well keep us informed Greg!
    I’m thinking about pulling out my old putter again because of this. Although I’ve just started to putt better with my currect one. Confused.


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