The golf pants that scream loud

John Daly showed up in Australia last year looking a million dollars. He’d emerged from his problematic bouts with gambling, drinking and depression a few years ago with a whole new look. He’d quit drinking, lost 155pounds thanks to lap-band surgery and was wearing a pair of golf pants that had everyone reaching for their sunglasses.
Loudmouth golf pants were the strides of choice and they now have an Australian website and shipping depot allowing one or two day delivery to purchases from Australia and New Zealand. I didn’t realise until I browsed the website that there’s a whole range of other Loudmouth gear too. Plenty of women’s apparel including ‘skorts’. The belts look sweet too.
I love the fact that these pants will send some old country club golfers crazy at the sight of these walking through his snobby clubhouse. If you have any problems, let John Daly know.
Australian Loudmouth website

John Daly and girlfriend at last year’s Australian Open.

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One thought on “The golf pants that scream loud

  • Hi Michael,

    Yes it is great that LoudMouth now have an Australian warehouse but unfortunately with a limited, at this time, inventory. Orders turn round in a couple of days and there’s big savings too!
    Golf Clubs Down Under has been represent LM in Australia for several years now and we continue to offer the full inventory of LM patterns and styles for both men and women plus the many accessories which are now available.
    An advantage we offer our customers is we supply from the Australian warehouse wherever possible but also we have access to patterns and styles which are exclusive to the US – so people get the best of both worlds.
    Cliff – GCDU


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