Teven Valley Golf Course in photos

Tucked away in the rolling hills in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales lies a beautifully renovated 9-hole golf course that is worth the trip.

Teven Valley Golf Club

Replacing the ill-kempt, dangerous routing of the old course, the new Teven Valley Golf Course is now an exquisitely manicured 9-hole golf course that squeezes every inch out of the difficult high and low-lying land on either side of Eltham Road.

Designed by Craig Parry, Teven Valley was the first golf course in Australia to use Sir Grange Zoysia grass for its tees and greens. Every square metre of every hole was hand-laid from Zoysia grown further up the coast and brought down on trucks.

The result is a golf course that looks fantastic, plays well and most importantly, chock-a-block full of fun.

The old ramshackle pro-shop and clubhouse have now been replaced with a chic, large-windowed pro shop and bar. Perched up on the hill behind the difficult par-3 9th, it’s almost as much fun to sit and relax in this space as it is playing the golf course.

Self-described as a “boutique nine holes have been designed to challenge seasoned golfers but built for a fun round”, the round was a special experience. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing solo in years and can’t wait to bring friends back to see the place for themselves.

If I can find the time, I’ll write more about my short, memorable trip to Teven Valley. In the meantime, here are some of the photos of my round which included all four seasons, a few birdies and an eagle.

Don’t miss it if you’re in the area.

Teven Valley Golf Club
The opening, long tee shot to the par-3 1st hole at Teven Valley Golf Course.
Teven Valley Golf Club
The magnificent tree on the 2nd hole at Teven Valley Golf Course.
Teven Valley Golf Club
View through the par-3 4th green at Teven Valley Golf Course.
The short par-4 4th hole runs along the road at Teven Valley Golf Course.
Teven Valley Golf Club
The green at the par-4 6th hole juts out into the adjoining river, home to dozens of platypus.
Teven Valley Golf Club
Teven Valley Golf Course tee marker.
The less risky approach to the par-4 5th hole is via the right-hand side.
Teven Valley Golf Club
View from the 4th green towards the 6th green at Teven Valley Golf Course.
Tee shot at the par-3 8th hole. Teven Valley 9th and clubhouse in the background.
Crossing back onto the western part of the property at Teven Valley Golf Course.
View from the chic new clubhouse at Teven Valley Golf Course.

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