Steve Williams to caddy for Adam Scott at US Open

Photo by John Mummert (Source)
Tiger Woods missing the 2011 US Open has meant his regular caddy, Steve Williams is left with no work this week. Tiger’s given the all clear for Williams to carry the bag for Adam Scott but has lead many to wonder if it means a permanent split from Woods.
What does this mean for Adam Scott?
Steve Williams is New Zealand’s highest paid “sports-person” and has been on the bag for Tiger woods since 1999. He previously looped for Greg Norman, Ian Baker-Finch and Raymond Floyd among others. So in summary, he has huge experience.
Not to say Adam Scott’s previous caddy, Tony Navarro didn’t but Williams has been on the bag for 13 of Tiger’s 14 major victories and will be invaluable on the bag this week. Combined with Scott’s surge in confidence following his US Masters performance, this can only be a positive.
What does this mean for Tiger Woods?
The fact that Woods gave his approval for Williams to partner Scott this week has the rumour mill working in over time.
It has lead some to speculate that maybe Woods won’t be back playing golf for a lot longer that we all expect. Further, some of suggested that Williams and Woods are parting ways.
Woods recently split from his IMG management team and after his agent Mark Steinberg left the organisation. Woods has stuck with Steinberg but one can only speculate if the caddy change is part of a career overhaul.

5 thoughts on “Steve Williams to caddy for Adam Scott at US Open

  • I think it would be a retrograde step for the arrogant Williams to carry the bag for Adam Scott. One has to query just how complicit/knowledgable Williams was in the tawdry behaviour of Woods. It has been interesting to note how much Williams has pulled his head in since Tiger has lost his mojo!

  • Williams has always claimed he knew nothing of Woods’ infidelities, but it does seem odd considering how close they were.

  • Tiger and Steve are like brothers,love to see them again in the near future.

  • You are caddy, you carry a bag. Do something important to help the world and quit whining


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