Golfer tees off while two snakes writhe and wrestle nearby

Snakes on a golf course are a common sight in Australia, but playing a golf shot while two snakes dance around each other takes some concentration.

We’re a little late to the party on this one but that’s just because we’d just forgotten to share it here – or perhaps we’ve been trying to suppress the whole video from our memories. If you’re not a fan of snakes then this isn’t the video for you. We’re thinking of creating a whole separate section dedicated to Snakes on a Golf Course.

This probably isn’t the golf course for you either. Playing a golf shot with two snakes dancing around each other in an amorous embrace probably takes some concentration. As if the game isn’t already hard enough.

We think this actually may be a pre-mating tussle between two make pythons. Does anyone know for sure?

We’re not 100% sure which golf course this video was shot on – somewhere around Brisbane we’re led to believe. But this video shared down TikTok by thegolfjunkie is quite incredible though but as we mentioned, if you don’t like snakes, this might scare the bejeebus out of you.

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