Slow play – how to beat it

In the opinion of Aussie Golfer, the single most deterrant from the game of golf is the length of time it takes to play it. There is no doubt that playing a 3 and a half hour round of golf can sometimes be too much time out of the week. It is even more unfortunate that a three and a half hour round of golf seems to be a thing of the past. In fact, I have barely played many 4 hour rounds in the last 5 years.

Mike Orloff from Golf Industry Central has 19 years experience owithgolf course operations with large interntaional golf companies to management of Lakelands, Robina Woods and Horizons Golf Clubs to name a few. He therefore has some great inside knowledge on what slow play is, what contributes to slow play and how it should be dealt with on a club and player level.

Mike writes articles for various publications internationally and in Australia, including Inside Golf and he’s been kind enough to share with us an article he wrote on the issue of slow play. Over the next week I’ll be publishing the full article in two parts starting tomorrow with “Slow Play – Pace and Flow”

In the meantime, please jump over to Golf Industry Central and take a look around. It’s got all the inside scoop on golf related business, jobs board, news and and a forum to start up discussions.

One thought on “Slow play – how to beat it

  • Slow play is a killer. It has become so bad I usually don’t even attempt to play during prime hours or on the weekend. I guess patience is a part of golf but I don’t have enough yet.


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