Rory wants to kick Tiger’s ass

McIlroy makes press conference less boring with some friendly banter with Tiger.

In the pre-tournament interviews ahead of this The Barclay’s, Doug Ferguson first alerted us of a fun little exchange between Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, obviously instigated by Rory.
McIlroy had been asked about a potential match-up with Woods this week and then the line of questioning focused on the upcoming Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club and whether McIlroy would be keen to face Woods. McIlroy spotted Woods at the back of the room and answered;

“Yeah, I’d love to go out there.  I’d love Tiger to go out first and kick his ass.”

Reportedly, Tiger immediately responded with “Good to see you too” from the back of the room.
Following soon after was Woods’ press conference and the inevitable follow-up question; Are you ready to have your ass kicked by Rory at Medinah?

“At Medinah?  No.” (Smiling.)

Is it really too much to see a little bit more of this sort of fun banter between the pros each week? Actually, Tiger was more serious (as he often is) than Rory was but with so much focus on golf being interesting and a viable option for TV broadcasters, a little of this sort of in-house rivalry would do wonders. After all, it’s the sort of thing all of us relate to every week. 

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