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Need some free weekend golf reading? In addition to the multitude of golf magazines on the shelves there are a few free Australian golf magazines you’ll either find at your local golf course or online.
Golf Industry Central has been producing an online magazine geared towards the Australian golf industry that is always worth a read. This month the magazine looks at the financial problems facing many golf courses around the country after the recent closure of Palm Meadows. Click to read Golf Industry Central magazine online.
Inside Golf is the golf magazine of choice around many golf clubs in the country. Personally, I love to browse over this publication with loads of news and reviews relating to Australian golf. Click to read Inside Golf online  or look for it at your golf club.

One thought on “Read golf magazines online

  • mmm…This article could upset a lot of aussie golf magazines who are not going this way yet. They will only let you advertise on their site if you take ads out in their hard copy mags. The IPADS are sure to change things though…
    Mr Small


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