‘Progressing nicely’, Tiger Woods is not looking so bad after all: video

Those reports about Tiger Woods’ back injury appear to have been false.

Early in the week rumours swirled on social media that Tiger Woods was in a bad way after a string of bank operations. Golf writer Robert Lusetich reported that Woods was struggling to stay upright.

Woods’ management team was furious and refuted the reports (not for the first time) and now the 14-time major champion has responded himself by showing off his swing – albeit on social media and on a golf simulator.

Something looks a little odd with the swing but it’s hard to tell in the bad light and on a simulator. Still, it appears the reports were false after all – or at least old news. Other have suggested that 5 – 6 weeks ago, Woods was in a bad way.

Perhaps it was a nice way to tease out some information from the Woods camp. Lusetich responded to the video in a few tweets below.

And for those who wonder when the video was shot… Lusetich doesn’t buy into the conspiracy theorists…

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