Presidents Cup – more thoughts

There’s a few more things Aussie Golfer would like to highlight before this week’s Presidents Cup gets underway.
  • I’ve always found the Presidents Cup format puzzling. IT differs from the Ryder Cup with four days of play and many more matches enabling all players on the course at once, except for Saturday. We have five morning matches and five afternoon matches. With 12 players on each team, two from each will sit on the sidelines for each set of matches. Why? Why not play an extra match in the morning and one in the afternoon? Can anyone explain this?
  • A reporter asked Geoff Ogilvy yesterday: “Obviously in Europe it’s a big deal when they don’t win; I don’t get the sense that back in Australia you’re getting much grief if you don’t win The Presidents Cup.” As a golf writer who aims to be as positive as possible on all fronts, I’m here to say I’m sick of losing this thing and if you lose again I’ll lay on the grief in the form of a large, fast moving grief train.

Internationals go-to man: Mike Weir
Internationals question mark: Adam Scott
Apologies to those who think ‘ve been giving Adam a hard time this year. I don’t think I’m the only one but his form has been ordinary and is lucky to be in this event. I will be first to sing his praises if he shines this weekend. I do hope he does.

USA go-to man: Jim Furyk
USA question mark: Zach Johnson

Sunday match-up’s we’d like to see:
Yang v Woods
Villegas v Kim
Singh v Mickelson
Cabrera v Perry
Norman v Evert

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One thought on “Presidents Cup – more thoughts

  • Wouldn’t it be cool if they let the public determine the pairings on Sunday, instead of the captains? I’m sure they would choose the ones you did (except maybe the last one)…


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