Phil Mickelson plays two shots from the grandstand in two days: video

If you heard that a golfer played a shot from the hospitality area of a grandstand, you would expect it to have been Phil Mickelson.

During the second round of The Barclays tournament Phil Mickelson found himself in a spot of bother in the hospitality tent.

Opting for the aggressive play at the fantastic short par-4 5th hole at Ridgewood Country Club, Mickelson got a little wayward off the tee. His sliced tee shot hit the cart path and bounced up into the hospitality area of the greenside grandstand.

And rather than electing to take a drop, Mickelson did something very Mickelson like and played the ball as it lay.

The fans were thrilled and later in the day, they’d marked the spot where Mickelson had played the shot.

And the next day, he did it again!

This time it was a little more subdued in the tent thanks to an earlier tee time. He played the shot a little better and carded a par.

Then the memes started.

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