Phil Mickelson calls two-shot penalty on himself for improving line of play

Phil Mickelson gets into another golf rules controversy at The Greenbrier.

Just a few weeks after Phil Mickelson violated the rules of golf (and the spirit of the game according to many) at the US Open, he has once again copped a two-shot penalty.

Mickelson wanted to hit a low drive from the elevated tee at the par-4 7th hole at The Old White TPC. Teeing his ball up he then stamped down some fescue grass lining the front edge of the tee box.

After doing so, he remarked to his playing partner that perhaps what he just didn’t wasn’t exactly legal.

Consulting with a rules official, Mickelson was told he violated rule 13-2 and improved his line of play by his action and was handed a two-stroke penalty.

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