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Lind GolfAussie Golfer stumbles across loads of interesting golf devices, websites and businesses. Obviously some are better than others. The decision to write about them or not rests on this question: “Blog or no blog, would I tell my golfing buddies about it?” If yes, you’ll most probably see it on Aussie Golfer.

The latest, interactive offering from Australian golf company, Lind Golf is something I’d tell friends about. Australian owned Lind Golf have launched a new online service enabling golfers to not only customise their new set of golf clubs for better golf but also for appearance.

It’s an easy step-by-step process where you can customise the length and make of your shafts, choose the grip type and colour or even add personalised logo’s or artwork!

According to the website there are 50 million possibilities and the personalisation doesn’t stop with clubs as you can also add your name to golf bags.

The big question: “What are Lind Golf clubs like to hit?” I’ll try them shortly and let you know.

In the meantime, this looks very cool and as an Australian owned company trying to squeeze into the already competitive golf market, they look like they are on to a winner with this idea.

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7 thoughts on “Personalised Golf Clubs

  • Wow, what a concept. This is great! I am going to attend their next demo. I like the look of the MiOne.

  • Looking forward to hearing your feedback on their clubs. They seem to have expanded their product line over the last few years so they must be doing well. I just haven’t been game to buy something that I haven’t had the opportunity to hit with first.

  • It is amazing the advances that technology have brought and can offer us. Whilst these clubs could be great, I would always like to have a try of anything I buy. Clubs can be a lot of money – I mean, you wouldn’t spend hundreds on a pair of shoes in a shop without trying them on.

  • The clubs are brilliant. Ive used the previous model Blackhawks, and they look and play just as well if not better than my mates taylormades. I lent him my irons and he was hitting it better than he was with his taylormades…great high quality product… 😉

  • How did you go? Did you hit them? They don’t have a demo day on their website for qld,so I am keen to hear others feedback.


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