Par 4 Call Up Holes!

Anyone that reads this blog may already know where I sit when it comes to call up holes (November 6, 2007) but I couldn’t believe what I saw at my local course a few weeks ago. A call up hole has now been introduced on a par 4! It may well be a common thing these days but I’ve never seen it.

In actual fact I had no idea what the sign said until my nicely hit pitching wedge from the trees (it’s a much better line in) ricocheted of the sign sending much further away from the pin than it would have otherwise. I walked up to the green wondering about the ruling on such a shot and a (I’ll endeavour to find out soon) and saw the sign asking players to call up the group behind.

It’s bad enough on par 3’s and again I refer to my previous article to try and convince people that it doesn’t help speed up the game but this is ridiculous. At least on a par 3 you know from exactly what point the balls will be hit from. Injuries could be huge risk on a par 4 with balls firing in from all parts of the hole. As I said, coming in from the trees is the best option in my opinion.

One thought on “Par 4 Call Up Holes!

  • Yes, it’s now getting out of hand, what clubs should do if they don’t have a on course marshall fulltime is to have that as part of being on the committee, that committee members have to be available for course marshall duties on a roster basis on the busier comp days!

    Also slow play should be discouraged in comp days by the handing out of stroke penalties to the offenders score cards, then if it happens again they’re suspended from playing a comp of two.


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