One legged golfer playing with the pro’s

There’s always fun to be had at the Dunhill Links Championship taking place in Scotland this week. Regular celebrity golfers such as Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Waugh, Huey Lewis, Hugh Grant, Tim Henman and Shane Warne are in attendance but the best golf story I’ve come across is the one concerning Manuel de los Santos, the one-legged golfer.

The 25-year-old Manuel de los Santos from the Dominican Republic lost his left leg at 18 after being hit by a car. He hits the ball about 260 yds and plays off of three. The BBC video report on Manuel is a quick, fascinating look at this remarkable man.

Hugh Grant made us laugh this morning after he was asked if he takes his clubs as he travels around the world. His reply, “No, I have sets of clubs all over the world. I’m very rich.”.

I just had to add this image from Kingbarns GC yesterday. Are you surprised to learn it’s Jean Van der Velde?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

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