On pro golfers wearing shorts: ‘The long and the shorts of it’

Why is there so much debate over the whether professional golfers should be allowed to wear shorts?

The European Tour recently allowed its players to wear shorts for practice rounds. Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth expressed their approval. But why the fuss over something as seemingly innocuous as wearing shorts in a professional sport? It’s the topic of my latest article at GolfLink:

The culture of golf is changing and is being stretched across a number of centuries. The front end is careering towards the future with flat brimmed caps, high-tops and golf balls that claim to go straighter and further than ever before.

The back end is barely moving, stuck among the dust and cobwebs of an era well before jeans, sponsors and turbulators even existed.

Read the full piece over at GolfLink: The Long and the Shorts of it

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