Ogilvy would rather be in Melbourne

The final round of the PGA Tour FedEx Cup playoff’s began this morning and it was obvious Geoff Ogilvy’s mind was elsewhere. His beloved St.Kilda team is in the AFL Grand Final and despite a $10 million on the line, he’s opened up with a 5-over 75, currently 30th in the 30-man field.

In 1997, Ogilvy (pictured in St.Kilda colours) was in the stands at the MCG to watch his Saints play Adelaide in the Grand Final. Unlike Aussie Golfer that day, he went home disappointed. St.Kilda still haven’t won a premiership since 1966. According to his father he seriously considered not playing the season ending FedEx Cup tournament and returning to Australia for the game this weekend;

”Anyway, besides the incredible prize money on offer, I don’t think the PGA tour people would look too kindly on him missing for some footy game back in Australia. But I can promise you he has given it some serious thought. That’s how much he loves the Saints.”

Ogilvy’s had his eye on the Saints all year and soon saw the scheduled date for the playoff event at East Lake in Atlanta;

“When they (St Kilda) won the first few games of the year and it was looking like a real chance they were going to be in (the grand final), I very quickly looked at the date and realised it clashed with one of the five or six tournaments you can’t take off for anything,” said Ogilvy.

“I’ve waited my whole life to see (a St Kilda premiership), so if I can find it, I’ll watch it.”

With his opening round blowout, is Geoff perhaps planning on a “WD” and hopping on a flight to Melbourne?

Photo: AFP

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One thought on “Ogilvy would rather be in Melbourne

  • I’m amazed that Ogilvy hasn’t played this course better than he has through the years. It seems perfect for his sky high ball flight.

    BUT – back to your point – how about a quick “Al Czervik” ? A little ricochet off a tree and an “OW – my arm !”, and he’s off to the airport with a few hundred thousand dollars for last place. 🙂


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