Ogilvy starts well at Kiawah: post-round transcript

Ogilvy, Scott and Baddeley start well at the 2012 PGA Championship.

Geoff Ogilvy. Photo: Richard Fellner

Three Australians sit two shots behind leader Car Pettersson after the opening round of the 2012 US PGA Championship. Adam Scott, Aaron Baddeley and Geoff Ogilvy had an opening round 68 to begin their quest for the final major of the year.

Adam Scott is obviously looking to put some demons behind him, but Geoff Ogilvy has suddenly found himself in a good position to attack a second major championship. The 2006 US Open champ has struggled for a year or so to get himself in contention in a major championship, or any golf tournament for that matter.
Ogilvy is always worth listening to and here is the transcript of a couple of questions he was asked after his opening round at Kiawah Island, with some interesting views on the Ocean Course.

Coming in, how did you feel? I know you put a different grip on the putter, but how did you feel coming in?
Pretty well. I played well at The Open. I kind of scored not very well Thursday and Saturday at The Open, but played really well all week. Ended up kind of sneaking into a Top‑10 feeling like I could have done really well there.
And then last week is a frustrating course. Played really, really well and just didn’t make many putts and kind of just finished under par but felt like I was playing pretty well coming in here.
So it was nice to get out there, like you said, obviously on the better half of the day and actually have a decent score. You still have to play well and it’s easy to go out and not play well. So it’s nice to have a reasonable score when other guys are having good scores. Hopefully that is a good start with three more to go.
Do you like this course? 
I think it’s interesting. I think there’s some really cool stuff about it. There’s a couple of areas I think that are over the top for the distances for the holes we are playing.
Such as?
The par 3, 14, is a lot tougher than 250 or whatever it was playing today. Our group and the group behind us, had some reasonable players that are playing quite well, and nobody hit the green out of those six with no wind at all. So I think some are tough for the length, it’s a bit much.

But got some interesting stuff here. It’s amazing when you look at what was actually here before there was a golf course here, it’s pretty amazing that someone could come out and do anything out in that sort of swamp land and come up with anything. So I think it’s an interesting place, yeah. I don’t know why the first tee is a mile from the clubhouse. Everyone’s probably a bit confused actually.

It was built before the clubhouse. 
It’s a mile away from the 18th tee and 18th green, too. It’s just an oddity I guess.

One thought on “Ogilvy starts well at Kiawah: post-round transcript

  • Great start by all the boys, best one for the Australians in a major I can remember in a long time.

    Let’s hope they keep it going


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