Ogilvy returns to rowdy golf in Phoenix

Geoff Ogilvy

Geoff Ogilvy is back on the PGA Tour this week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The nasty cut on his finger has healed sufficiently to get him back on the golf course. But this is one rowdy tournament to start the year.

The TPC Scottsdale course features the infamous par-3 16th; the craziest, loudest hole in professional golf. Each year the hole is decked out with grandstands to completely surround the hole and allow viewing for 35,000 people. Most are drinking and having one massive party. 
Geoff Ogilvy describes the hole and the associated “not sensible” atmosphere in the video below. I’ve also added a slightly hyped up preview of what you may expect at the 16th.

3 thoughts on “Ogilvy returns to rowdy golf in Phoenix

  • not sensible? is that Aussie code for “barking mad”? Here’s to another great season…The year of the Kaymer?

  • It’s unfortunate that he was hurt in Hawaii and it will be great to see him back at it!

  • Ha, “not sensible” is the way Ogilvy describes it in the video. Not quite the words I would have used!


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