Night golf

One of the biggest drawback’s of the game of golf is the increasing length of time it takes to play the game. golf courses around large cities have become choked up as clubs do their best to cram as many golfers on to the course at once.
With this in mind, perhaps night golf is the way to go. The photos below come courtesy of Golf To Impress and show images of Moon Lake golf course in Mobara, Japan. The pictures look stunning and you can see more at the Golf To Impress website.
There is a floodlit golf course on the Gold Coast if I’m not mistaken. Has anyone played it? What is it like?

3 thoughts on “Night golf

  • Emerald Lakes is the course on the Gold Coast that you are thinking of. It has nine floodlit holes. I haven’t played there though.

  • Played on a 9-hole course in Sabah, Malaysia – alongside a 5-star Hotel – excellent visibility but of course the weather was perfect too!


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