New golf terminology!

I know you all love golf and that golf loves you but are you also of the opinion the game, especially in the TV coverage department could use jazzing up a little? Well if you do or if someone you know does, now is your chance to make history!

An idea was proposed on the golf course last week by an Aussie Golfer reader that could do this jazzing up a little and I just love it. In ten pin bowling, a run of 3 strikes in a row is called a “turkey” and there’s other terminology for different numbers of strikes ranging from a “wild turkey” to a “sombrero”. You may think that’s strange but no stranger than a “birdie” or “eagle” really is it?

So how about introducing a term for three birdies in a row?! Or four or five?! Or a different term for each! Three-in-a-row could be a “dinglebot”, four could be a “violin” and five could be a “Tiger” (I realise that’s the only one that makes any sense).

What do you think? Dumb idea or not? If so, tell us. If not, have you got any ideas what these should be called? Let’s start a whole new era in golf and propose a few names (email them in or comment below) and I’ll set up a poll here on the website for different phrases and we’ll all democratically decide on a whole new set of golf lingo. Tell your friends, start the conversations and say you were part of bringing something new to golf!

2 thoughts on “New golf terminology!

  • How about these, three birds in a row is “A Bender” (like three days on the drink)
    Four in a row – “A Footy Trip” (you get my drift now)
    Five in a row – “The Alcoholic”!

    What about one for things like missed birdie putts?! Like “The Flop” (you had her in the bag but couldn’t preform)

    Missed Eagle Putt – “The Threesome” (had a chance to knock two off at once)


  • The concept of completing a round and then describing it in simple terms like:

    I had ‘A Bender’ and just missed out on ‘A Threesome’ would not only effect my calm focused state of mind, but also my self confidence.

    I will need a lot longer to do this sensible idea justice, but as most golfers will be unlikely to have a ‘A bender’ let alone a footy trip. I also would like another focus on sequential bogies, imagine in three holes, bogey, dbl dogey, triple bogey. I’m thinking ‘Trifecta’.

    Will email my genuine contrbutions later.


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