My golf’s better than my score!

Peter Lonard’s had a shocking year on the PGA Tour so far.Lonard’s game has gone the way of the world economy at the same time he’s trying to get used to wearing contact lenses for the first time.I was pleased to see him make this statement last week that myself and nearly every other golfer I know have said at some stage over the past year:

“I really feel that my game is not as bad as my scores are suggesting…”

We’ve all said it and I’ve heard it a lot lately (you know who you are!).

I often wonder if it’s true or whether we’re really just trying to kid ourselves into thinking we’re better at the game than we think. Why else would we keep playing this silly game?

Keep up-to-date with the trials and tribulations of Peter Lonard at his official website.

The rest of you, keep telling me all about your trials and tribulations in person. It makes me feel a lot better about my game.

5 thoughts on “My golf’s better than my score!

  • If I can’t fantasize about “how good I REALLY am”, then what’s the point of playing? Think of the kid in you that threw a ball against the house. Was he thinking “That’s a house, I’m all alone.” NO, the crowd was cheering and he just made a diving save!

    Tension free golf – forget the bad shot, don’t even count it – if you put the ball in the hole with 3 consecutive shots on a par 3, then that’s a par!

    Chill out, have fun.

  • Ha ha! That’s true. Exactly as I said, why else would we keep playing this silly game!?

    I doubt any of us would have much to talk about at the 19th if we didn’t fantasize a little!

  • Yes it’s true generally our expectations exceed our ability, but answer me this;

    If you feel you’ve hit the ball well but not scored well do you feel better then if you hit the ball crap but managed a reasonable score?


  • Ooooh, great question. I don’t think you do. I think it’s all about the score.

  • For me personally it used to be all about being technically perfect and hitting the ball well. Then I slowly started realizing that I kinda like when my score is lower (I know…HUGE revelation!).Now I find myself really enjoying the process of grinding out a score.If I happen to be striking it well, well that is just a bonus!


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