Must-read candid Q&A interview with Adam Scott

Adam Scott talks about his daughter, the modern-day driver, his pick for the Masters and Instagram.

The PGA Tour’s Brian Wacker recently sat down and asked Adam Scott a few questions and it is as candid an interview as you’ll ever read with Adam Scott.

Notoriously private (and shy), Scott rarely opens up about his years on the European Tour, those near-misses at the majors and his private life.

But it’s also great to hear more wide-ranging thoughts from Scott on the game of golf itself. Scott’s comments about the modern driver brought back some memories when he was asked what aspects of the game he would change:

Maybe driver head size is something I’d look at. That’s a massive difference now. When I was a kid, pulling the driver out of the bag was a concern, like you’re going to have to make a great swing to hit a good drive. Now it’s the go-to club. It’s the most forgiving club we have. That’s a huge difference in how you get off the tee to start a hole of golf.

And on playing his two favourite courses, Kingston Heath and Cypress Point:

I just love playing socially on those golf courses that are so much shorter and just less demanding length-wise for me, and then the people I play with can enjoy it. It’s very hard to enjoy a round of golf when I play 90 yards from them. It’s like we’re on different courses. So those two, if I’m allowed to say two.

Do yourself a favour and read the full interview over at the PGA Tour website.

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