MELTDOWN / Bryson DeChambeau criticized for snubbing tournament winner

American golfer Bryson DeChambeau is bring criticized after it looks like he snubs Richard McEvoy, the winner of the Porsche European Open.

Playing in the final group with McEvoy, DeChambeau’s golf game disappeared in Germany, dropping the lead and five shots in his closing four holes. He’s now copping some flak for this abrupt handshake on the final green.

No doubt DeChambeau just wanted to get off the golf course and it’s a little hard to tell exactly from this angle just what happened.

Here are the lowlights from his final four holes to give you some context. Some poor golf mixed in with some really bad course management.

Us amateur, hacker golfers know only too well the feeling when your golf game suddenly leaves you and the more you try and get your swing back, the worse it gets. But you don’t see it happen that much to the pros. Or at least not the emotionally.

DeChambeau has had a rough few weeks. A few weeks ago he was told he could know longer use a compass (or the drawing kind) on the golf course to determine the correct hole locations.

Then after a first round 4-over par 75 at The Open at Carnoustie last week it looked like the game had beaten DeChambeau when footage of his post round practice session with shown. This is tough to watch, but it must have been harder for the guys standing alongside him.

No one says a word and they all looked scared to do anything.

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