Mashed Potato video mash

Earlier today we came across a few videos of people yelling out ‘mashed potato!’ at golf tournaments. Aussie Golfer heard of the phrase for the first time at The Australian Open in November but a quick look at YouTube reveals it has been around a while.
People have been yelling out “Mashed Potato!” for quite some time, across many tournaments, and to many different golfers. Odd as it is, here are a few of them, starting with the one from last weekend in California where it got noticed by the commentators.

Here is the one from The Lakes at The Australian Open, which was reportedly yelled from one of the golf fanatics.

Here’s one from the 2010 US PGA Championship.

And the phrase isn’t just restrcited to Tiger Woods, here Rickie Fowler gets mashed.

And one from last year’s Ryder Cup…

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