Magellan Echo release golfwatch for GPS measurements

Magellan Echo and GolfPadGPS improves your game with a flick on your wrist.

The time it takes to dial-up your smartphone app can be a little tedious and smartwatch manufacturers are now catering to the golfer by allowing them to pair up to GPS phone apps to make distance measurements that much easier – and more importantly, quicker.

These funky looking smartwatches from Magellan Echo have just been released to pair up to the GolfPadGPS app and makes distance measurements as quick as a flick of the wrist.

From the press release:

See the distance to the front, middle and back of the green by simply glancing at your wrist to help select the correct club every time. Simply mark shots with a single touch of a button to get exact shot distance on the watch.

The Magellan Echo and GolfPadGPS work in perfect sync so you get the full capability of the golf app on your phone with the added convenience of accessing the information on your wrist. You can even store your phone in your pocket or golf bag and it still works perfectly.

And it looks like there’s much more it can do than just tell you how far away you are from the hole.

The Echo uses ultra-low power technology and runs off a replaceable coin cell battery so it never needs to be recharged. The GolfPad app also allows you to analyse your game as you play and keep score by tracking shots, putts and penalties. And for days when you’re playing to your potential, you can instantly share the round with friends online.

Aussie Golfer will be reviewing this product in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

The Magellan Echo is available in stores.
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