LPGA demands the English language

Get a load of this! The LPGA has announced that as of 2009 all players that have been on the tour for more than 2 years must pass an English test or get suspended!

The full story from Golfweek is here but what do you think? You’ll surely go further in the LPGA with sponsorship and other endorsements if you English is good but if you want the best in the world, non-English speakers will always be there. The powers that be claim it’s mostly for better communication and fun with the amateurs during the pro-am’s – satisfying those with deep pockets.

Perhaps they’ll Anglicise everyone’s name in a knighthood-like ceremony.

“Hee-Won Han, you are now known as Helen Harris. Lorena Ochoa you are now Lauren Owen. Yani Tseng is now Jane Smith and Annika Sorenstam is now Anne Scott.

“But I’m retiring at the end of the year? I won’t even be here next year!”

“Quiet Anne. Go play a practise round with that nice man that just got out of the limo and make sure you use balls and clubs he can pronounce. Titleist and Mizuno could be a problem. Maybe play with with Wilson equipment for the moment.”

One thought on “LPGA demands the English language

  • This just adds to the embrassment that is professional golf today, what a joke and the women should up and leave and take their talents to Europe and Asia, where the talent goes so does the money!

    I wish more of the men would play in Europe and Asia as well as the WGC events are no more a world series then the baseball world series, a joke!!


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