Light it Up golf launches in Australia

A new night golf concept is set to launch at Bankstown Golf Club on Friday night.

Light It Up Golf will launch in Australia on tomorrow night at Bankstown Golf Club. PGA Tour Professional Brad McIntosh will be there to lead the way in a 4-ball ambrose format that will see three amateurs paired with a professional for the event.

The nine hole event will be played at night with glow in the dark golf ball, head lamps with the course lit up by over 1000 LED lights.

From the press release:

The fairways will be lined to resemble a runway, while the bunkers and hazards will be defined by distinctive flashing lights. The pin is also lit with psychedelic colours.

The Australian designed glow balls are also unique and contain L.E.D. lights that once hit, stay lit long enough for the golfer to make it to their next shot.

“We’ve done a lot of testing and are confident we have the best equipment available in the world,” added McIntosh.

Sounds like fun.

If you’re keen to take part contact Brad McIntosh on 0448 708 866 or via email at [email protected]

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