Leishman in form at first tournament back after wife’s serious illness

Marc Leishman is playing his first tournament since his wife’s serious illness forced him out of the Masters.

Marc Leishman is showing he has lost no form since missing the Masters due to his wife’s life-threatening illness. Leishman showed off his short game skills by chipping in for birdie at the par-3 9th hole during the second round of the Zurich Classic.

Leishman sits just three strokes off the leaders at the storm-interrupted Zurich Classic in New Orleans but golf has taken on a new perspective after a dramatic few weeks which saw his wife given just 5% chance to live.

Marc Leishman was preparing for the Masters Tournament at Augusta National a few weeks ago when his wife Audrey took herself to hospital. Soon after she was placed in an induced coma due to the effects of acute respiratory distress and toxic shock syndrome. Doctors told Leishman she only had a 5% chance of survival.

Needless to say, Leishman opted to miss the Masters Tournament to be by his wife’s side and remarkably she has recovered from what was a clearly a life threatening situation.

The PGA Tour has a great piece on the seriousness of Audrey Leishman’s illness;

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare, life-threatening complication of certain bacterial infections. Acute respiratory distress syndrome occurs when fluid builds up in the small, elastic air sacs in the lungs. The more fluid there is in the lungs, the less oxygen there is to reach the bloodstream and the rest of your organs, which will then begin shutting down. It is then that Marc Leishman is told that his wife Audrey has a 5-percent chance of surviving.

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