Kim v Woods

After Anthony Kim’s big win last week on the PGA Tour our Queensland correspondent Craig Wagstaff reminded us of a rumoured conversation between him and the #1 dude in golf.

Anthony Kim was on the range at a tournament and Tiger gave him shit about the big “AK” on his belt buckle. Kim said “Yeah well Nike doesnt make these……yet”.

One thought on “Kim v Woods

  • Interested in the Players Campionship at Sawgrass this weekend but going through the list of players I notice a large contingent of US players. I did some research you may be interested in.
    Out of the 143 starters 89(62.23%) are US. In the world rankings, out of the top 143 only 55(38.46%) are US. Aussies Have 15(10.48%) starting this weekend and have 17(11.88%) in the worlds top 143.
    C’mon Aussie C’mon.


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