Kevin Na takes revenge on a tree with a chainsaw

Kevin Na was asked to revisit the hole where he carded a 12-over par 16. He also took out a little revenge on some of the trees along the way.

This time last year, Kevin Na hit his way into golfing infamy by carding a 16 on the ninth hole at TPC San Antonio, the home of this week’s Valero Texas Open on the PGA Tour.
Probably the most remarkable aspect of the disaster was the way in which Na took it. Keeping a pretty level head, Na didn’t get as angry as you would expect and went on to post a very respectable score of 80 for the round.

Na has been invited to host an episode of “Inside the PGA Tour” where he aims to beat the score of 16 using only a 6-iron on the hole. He starts off pretty poorly as you can see in the preview video and judging by some of the press release photos, he takes out a little revenge on some of the trees he encountered when he recorded the disastrous score.
Some have been comparing this to another story now firmly in golfing folklore involving Craig “The Walrus” Stadler.
Back in 1987, Craig Stadler was disqualified for using a towel to kneel upon while playing a shot out from under a tree in the San Diego Open at Torrey Pines. At the time, he wasn’t aware of the rules infringement but after the tournament, in which he finished third, it was brought to the attention of officials who had no alternative but to disqualify Stadler as he had not added the two-stroke penalty when the incident happened.
Many years after, when the tree was set to be cut down, they invited Stadler to do the honours, and he had no trouble in taking out his own revenge on the tree.

Craig Stadler tree
Craig Stadler deals with the pesky tree at Torrey Pines.

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