Jordan Spieth wants to defend Australian Open crown

Newly crowned Masters champion Jordan Spieth says he plans to come back to Australia.

The golf world is littered with many unwritten rules and etiquette. and one of the them is the expectation that once you win a golf tournament, you will come back and defend your title.

After Jordan Spieth won last year’s Australian Open, tournament organisers have been hopeful that Spieth will honour one of golf’s unwritten rules and come back to the Australian Golf Club in late November to defend The Stonehaven Cup he won in such emphatic style.

In light of Spieth’s Masters victory this morning, tournament organisers and Australian golf fans are even more hopeful of seeing the young Texan back on our shores.

In his post-Masters winning press conference, Spieth credited the Australian Open victory as hugely important, beating the world’s number one and two ranked players at the time (Rory McIlroy and Adam Scott) and finding a way to close out tournaments.

“That could arguably be one of the best wins that I’ve ever had but I would obviously call this one the greatest win I’ve ever had – no offence.” Spieth said. “But what the Australian Open did was in a period where I had some struggles towards the top of the leaderboard on Sundays, it brought a level of patience.”

“It was trial and error for a couple of times and we had not found the solution as a team but we found the solution in Australia against a world-class field including the world No.1 and No.2 at the time.”

“Closing out that tournament and seeing what that meant in the history of that tournament and understanding who won there, it meant a lot.”

When asked if he intended to come back to Australia to play in the 2015 Australian Open, Spieth has gave every indication he will return.

“I fully plan on making the trip back to Australia,” Spieth said. “It was a special week for me and obviously did a lot for my career. Without it, I may not be here right now.”

Spieth impressed everyone at last year’s Australian Open not just with his on-course display but his maturity and politeness off the golf course.

While one would now rightly expect Spieth to command a bigger appearance fee than last year, he has a huge appreciation for the history and traditions of the game and we don’t expect Spieth to price himself out of returning and defending his Australian Open crown.

So if you didn’t see him play last year and he does make it back Down Under, get yourself a ticket.

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