Jimenez and Bradley get in heated argument at WGC Match Play: video

Miguel Angel Jimenez and Keegan Bradley got into a heated, tense argument in the late stages of their round three match at the 2015 WGC Cadillac World Match Play.

Tempers flared on the final hole of the match between Miguel Angel Jimenez and Keegan Bradley, after Jimenez questioned the drop that Bradley took after finding the road after an errant drop.

Jimenez was 40 yards further down the fairway but strolled back to query the legality Bradley’s drop. In fact he had just taken two; one away from the fence and the second off the cart path.

Bradley insisted that Jimenez go back to his golf ball and became incensed when the Spaniard told Bradley’s caddie to “Shut up”.

Bradley did his best to win the argument standing in Jimenez’s face several times during and after the incident. Jimenez went on to birdie the final hole and win the match 2up.

Sadly for both players (and perhaps golf fans) neither player will be playing on the weekend. Bradley finished his week without a victory and Jimenez’s only victory was against Bradley’s.

I bet he’s enjoying his cigars a little more than usual tonight.

Some clearer audio of the exchange:

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