Jason Day wants majors and Australian Open

Jason Day has listed the Australian Open as the fifth most important tournament for him to win behind the majors in a recent article in The Australian.

He launched onto the PGA Tour in 2008 saying he was going to be better than Tiger Woods. Those words continue to haunt him but there are some great signs of maturity and humility in the young Australia after his first PGA Tour win last week.

“I just want to be humble about things now. I don’t want to hype everything up. With winning, there’s a certain pressure, especially being 22 and winning a US PGA Tour event.

“A lot of people have asked me whether the next step is a major. It’s hard to win a PGA Tour event on any given week, it’s even harder to win a major. I want to take it slow. At the start, when I first came out, I wanted to do everything too quick. Now I realise it’s slow progress. I am just looking forward to the future and playing 20 or 30 years of majors.”

Remember he’s only 22.

Full story at The Australian 

4 thoughts on “Jason Day wants majors and Australian Open

  • I remember reading about this kid a few years back before he went to the states, he looks the part. Hopefully he’ll kick on and win a few more and give himself a chance of playing in and winning majors.

    Hope I get the chance to see him play back home this year.


  • I grew up with Jason we were jumping on my trampoline on my families farm outside beaudesert qld I’m acturally sitting in the same spot. I see Jason on tv killing it all the time so I’m like mum remember when Jason used to come stay here. She said she remembers when his dad came to pick him up and went by the local dump on his way here and found a golf club. He gave it to Jason and we ran around hitting stuff I never knew he would go on the beat tiger even though tiger has his own issues haha. His dad said he was so happy that Jason had a friend because he didn’t have many at school but I remember Jason was the man at school cause he was good at soccer we were besties till he moved to rockhampton and I only saw him one more time a few years after that at beaudesert leauges club through a window as he left his friend April and Nicole said he was looking for me. So Jason if u read this Michael Tilley is looking for mainly because now ur a superstar hahahahaha but your welcome to come back and wack some more rocks around my backyard anytime.

  • Sorry Michael, Jason has gone on to bigger and better things now and you have been forgotten for ever – a stepping stone if you will. Have a nice life mate, at least you have nice story to tell your mates at the pub!

    Regards, Begbie

  • Can someone PLEASE tell me the brand of golf pants Day is wearing at the 2011 Masters?!?!?!


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