Jarrod Lyle will be at Huntingdale but he won’t be playing the UNIQLO Australian Masters

Jarrod Lyle won’t be playing in the Australian Masters this week because of a clause in his PGA Tour status.

A conflict of tournaments combined with his medical exemption on the PGA Tour means Jarrod Lyle has been forced to sit out of the 2015 UNIQLO Australian Masters due to tee off at Huntingdale on Thursday.

Lyle has been back playing on the US PGA Tour on a medical exemption, meaning he has a limited number of events to make enough money to secure his tour card for the following season. However it seems that when playing on a medical exemption, Lyle isn’t allowed to play on competing tours if there is a PGA Tour event on at the same time. At least not without risking a start in a future PGA Tour event.

Lyle posted this on his Facebook page yesterday:

And when questioned why he wasn’t playing, Lyle responded:

“It’s a scheduling conflict with PGA tour and Aussie tour. Being on my medical exemption I can’t play a tournament against another PGA tour event without losing a start. It’s a shame.”

It is a shame as the Australian Masters was the place he first returned to tournament golf after beating leukaemia for a second time. So it seems like as good a time as any to get out to Huntingdale, say hi to Jarrod and purchase a Nexbelt!

Lyle confirmed that he will be playing in the Australian PGA Championship on the Gold Coast but we’re not sure if it also means he will miss the Australian Open in Sydney next week.

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