Jarrod Lyle beats leukaemia again

Jarrod Lyle took to Twitter to convey the news that he has officially been cleared of leukaemia.

Jarrod Lyle had secured his 2010 PGA Tour card, gotten married and his wife was expecting their first child when he was diagnosed with leukaemia for a second time. Only weeks before, Lyle had been vying for his first ever PGA Tour victory when he received the bad news.

Needless to say his life has been a battle ever since but the knowledge he had beaten the disease before empowered Lyle to do the same again.

Lyle was in fine form at the recent Victorian Golf Industry Awards night and was finally given the all clear late yesterday.

It’s fantastic news for Lyle who by every report I’ve heard is a fantastic bloke. Perhaps we could see Lyle take to the fairways of the US PGA Tour once again in 2014.

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