It’s hard to skin a Tiger

Big tip of the hat to Shane Bacon over at Fanhouse for this one. I just had to share this video with Aussie Golfer readers too.

There was some Skins game (remember those) played yesterday with Tiger and Jack (two one-name players) pairing up against Stewart Cink and Kenny Perry (two two-name players).

Tiger needed this putt at the last to tie the last skin and then they had a chip-off to decide who’s charity the skin would go to.

You know those little putting challenges you have late in the day on the practise green. Or those little chipping contests between mates with a beer down the beach? This Tiger guy would be an absolute pain in the arse to have around in those circumstances. If it wasn’t for tournament pairings, no one would play with him.

P.S. Maybe his opponents should sledge more?

One thought on “It’s hard to skin a Tiger

  • Competitors compete. Non-competitors are out of the competition before they begin. Or something like that…

    Jack and Tiger would grind the same putting for dimes under the lights, late at night on the practice green. Norman is the same way.


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