Is winning in America that important?

Halfway through the final round of The Players Championship this morning, I had to double check exactly who Tim Clark, Robert Allenby and Lee Westwood were. As far as the commentators were concerned, they’d never won a golf tournament before.

Was this the same Tim Clark who had won in South Africa, Scotland and Australia? Was this the same Lee Westwood with 22 career victories in over 10 different countries and the same Robert Allenby who has four PGA Tour victories and 18 International wins?
It seemed it was but I was starting to wonder whether they’d even played golf before today. Lucas Glover was made out to be a world beater with his two career, US-soil victories. Granted one of them was a major golf tournament which is a whole different story, right?
Given winning a golf tournament anywhere in the world is a supremely hard thing to do and tournament fields across the planet getting better and better, is it really such a big deal to win in the US any more?
If someone can close out a  golf tournament in another part of the world, does it make them any less of a golfer if they don’t win in the US?  There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rory McIlroy was the real deal 12 months ago but we still endured “Folks, you’ve discovered him in many ways here in Charlotte!”, after his PGA Tour victory two weeks ago.
Most would agree that generally the US PGA Tour is the ultimate test in target golf. Winning on it would mean you are very, very good at golf. Specifically, target golf.
Look, I get it. The fields on the PGA Tour are of greater depth than on other tours but I’m not convinced being a good target golfer should in anyway detract from a stellar career record. At the very least, the commentators should mention it.

Video: Allenby’s post-round interview

6 thoughts on “Is winning in America that important?

  • Is winning in America important? The Masters, The U.S. Open, The PGA, The Fed Ex Cup, The Players, just for starters.

    Is winning in America important? Ask Greg Norman or Carrie Webb.

    Is winning in America important? You think Allenby wanted that putt on 17?

    Is winning in America important? Not, seemingly, to this bunch of Australian pros. However the pay for finishing out of it on Sunday seems to be welcome.

  • Michael, you must be happy that Allenby got into the fight on Sunday. He wasn’t even given a chance when the week began.

    Personally, I was real happy for James Nitties. I’ve been following him since he was on Big Break. He finished T39 at -2. Not bad for his first TPC!

  • Nitties is starting to come good again. He’s the sort of guy that can shoot real low once he gets going!

  • Yep, see your point Gene, but golfers shouldn’t been seen in this failing light just because they’ve got a game for all other countries except the US.

  • Is winning in America important? Of course, you play to win.

    Is winning in any country just as important? You bet, you play to win.

    Did Allenby want that putt on 17? Well I’m certain he did, but it wouldn’t have mattered to him whether that putt was at the TPC or any other tournament, he plays to win.

    Have the Yanks still got there heads stuck to far up there own posteriors to think outside their own borders? You bet!


  • The reason behind this is simple…you were watching an American broadcast, no? Well, Americans are supremely self-centered.


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